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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
How is decided what posts are on the site? For me it seems a similar issue to Storyfeed - The community curation is the hard nut to crack. Is it based on people I follow or just a select group of individuals from elsewhere? News sites are hard to launch and maintain for a reason... I guess people just want the most interesting relevant news for them specifically and don't care about the rest (at least, I do) - other stories I can pick up from seeing a post on whatever social network or something (coincidentally is how I get most of my news) It's why curation sites based on who you follow work so well and why Nuzzel works so well (for me). I follow people with similar interests, we share similar tastes in news, I see that curated feed and am likely to click a fair few articles/stories. News that may be valuable to a wide and diverse group of people in a community like this makes their recommendations less interesting for me. But that is me and I know a lot are different.
d@deleted-510939 · p
@bentossell thanks for you thoughts Ben - nobody decides what's posted other than the user base in general - you can post anything providing it's news in english and meets a few other basic rules, then it's up to the community to see whether the post is voted highly. I take the point about that not being tailored specifically to individuals (much in the way a reddit news subreddit isn't either), but we think the character of the site is going to be more about what users do with the stories than just keeping people informed on topics they're interested in. So we're not really competing in the breaking news space (even though you'll find some of that in there) - we're really a news opinion site, where opinion is presented as the news!
Andreas Ecker
Andreas Ecker@picasecond_andreas · Founder of PicaSecond.com
Well done! I really enjoy the simple design. Curious to see in which direction the community is pushing your paper.
d@deleted-510939 · p
@picasecond_andreas thanks Andreas! Yeah, we were aiming for a kinda hybrid between a typical link-sharing design, and a more traditional news site - that was the result!
d@deleted-510939 · p
Thanks for listing us Jack. Just to add a little background about what we're trying to do... we're a deconstructed social news site where users can create their own headlines and summaries, add their own images, and suggest their own sources, where the most voted for in each category determines how the story is presented on the main page. So far, we have an interesting (and I think complimentary) combination of users – some of which are trying to use the site to iterate to the most accurate and impartial view of the news, and some of which are really trying to have fun with the news (think punny headlines, meme-borrowed images etc). Anyway, really happy to be on product hunt and welcome any thoughts at all from the community.