Migrate from Parse without a new binary or changing code

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Funny to see this pop-up. I hacked this around 3 years ago when FB acquired Parse. Not sure it still works with the latest version of the Parse SDK, LMK if it's broken and I'll fix it.
James Yu from Parse reached out to me to let me know that the latest version of the Parse SDK has a configurable endpoint URL, making this redundant.
*made a typo in the tagline above "Have your app talk to your servers instead when you outgrow Parse, all without shipping a new binary or changing a line of code." Disclosure: Stevie is building and this was one of his weekend projects from some time ago. This predates the official migration tools.
@arush tagline can only be 60 characters ;)
@bentossell i missed the word "new" from "without a binary" => should be "without a new binary"
@arush gotcha! fixed :)
Guess this will be in high demand now... #longliveparse
Real shame about like this will make the transition easier, though.