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ygal b
Hi everyone! It is so exciting to be featured in Product Hunt again. For those of you who did not see our main product you can see it here - www.producthunt.com/tech/backand Parse shut down sure came in a shock for all of us, but we worked very hard in the last couple of months to minimize the hassle for those of you who used Parse before, and that's what we're launching here - Parse-to-Backand Exporter. All you need to do to migrate your parse app to Backand is to hit the migration button, load your data and that's it. Your Parse's app now works with Backand. If you use iOS Parse SDK your life is even easier - we made an SDK based on parse's SDK and we changed the calls to Backand instead of parse - That means you don't need to change almost anything in your code. Didn't use Parse before? No worries. Backand offers you with variety of features for your Web application including Hosting, real-time, ready-made integration (such as payment processing, sending emails, push notifications and more) Try it out and let me know what you think!
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I've been holding out on migrating because all the other "Simple Migrate" guides have been...really not good in terms of actually working (well-written though, for the most part!). Can anyone who ends up using this please let me know their experience?