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The open source Parse Server Node.js application.

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Great job by @lacker @newfosco and the team on the migration tools. I hope your customers appreciate everything you've done ;) I would love to get an angle from someone inside Facebook about why this makes sense for them, and also a word from what competing platforms are thinking at this point. I'm intrigued as to why a negative spin was put on this from a comms perspective; they could have easily spun it by saying "Facebook is open-sourcing Parse".
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Definitely a good question on the communications side. With all the open sourcing we might have seen it coming though. High five to Parse team for being awesome for the last few years.
After reading the quarterly earnings report for FB, which is staggering, you have to wonder how much Parse was detracting from the bottom line. In my mind, Parse was never meant to compete with AWS or those services. It was more for testing concept viability before you spent 6 months on building out a custom solution. Really, it was the perfect tool for punching out MVPs in a weekend. You could have an idea Friday night and know by Monday if anyone was going to use it. Sad to see it go.
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@rueter Agreed. Typically I have used it for small projects to get them up and running for various early testing/users. Was a great tool plus the 30req/s for free was huge to a lot of developers. They have without a doubt done the best announcement of letting users know about the shutdown.
@natelegler and now that they're building in such thorough migration tools (to mitigate the whiplash felt by devs) they could almost pivot their entire focus and position Parse as an MVP tool that, when you outgrow it, can be easily migrated over to any number backend solutions. I'd pay $10 a month for that just so that I could continue to build out ideas that I'm not sure may or may not work out in the long run.
@rueter So, what is the solution if running a server of your own isn't viable? Firebase seems like the equivalent?
@xcadaverx you're absolutely right, Firebase is a great alternative. Parse was just so thorough and comprehensive. As far as I know, Firebase does not support Push or BaaS similar to CloudCode. I could be wrong, I just haven't used it extensively. I think from now on I'll just work with AWS Mobile Hub. I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon, but who knows, mobile could go out of fashion altogether.
@rueter @natelegler There is no long run with that plan, they are closing the service
It's saddening to see a great product like Parse getting killed by a bad massive product. Zuck doesn't learn. Hats off for all the work you put in Parse @lacker, @newfosco & @ilyasu.
@perte what do you mean by "Zuck doesn't learn"? The FB management team decided that parse was either a) pinching bottom line or b) not the best use of Facebook's resources given n number of projects in the pipeline. If anything, this proves that the team is great @ executing.
Sucks that is shutting down. I currently use Parse for my app. It's good to see the server getting open-sourced. Hopefully it will continue to be supported by the community.
Figured this would be a good time to make a Parse Migration collection: