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Hey everyone, Dhruv here. I love reading books and I'm always asking friends for recommendations. A lot of books I've been reading recently were found in tweets from people I follow on Twitter. The real time nature of Twitter means I can miss out on a good book recommendation if I'm not actively looking at my feed. That's why I created ParrotRead. It sends me a weekly digest of books which people I follow have tweeted about so I don't miss any. And so you won't either. While testing, I got curious about what ParrotRead would recommend to other people I look up to. Like Paul Graham for example. I realized it would be cool if I could get a weekly digest of recommendations not just for my Twitter handle, but any arbitrary Twitter handle. So I baked this in, and I invite you to try this out, especially if you don't follow many people. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
@drgarg Hey - love when other things recommend great stuff and I don't have to do anything :) You should get some of the great recommendations on Product Hunt Books!
@bentossell @drgarg Very cool, well done.
Unfortunately I can't sign up :-( I'm getting: "Enter a valid Twitter handle.". I'm pretty sure mine is valid ;-)
@dkodr eh, sorry about that. try now.
@drgarg works like a charm now :-) Thanks!