Parrot Zik 2.0

The world's most advanced headphones (pre-launch)

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I'm married to my B&W P5's but these look slick (despite the uncanny/creepy hero photo on the site). @mjburnsy has a good write-up on TechCrunch this morning. According to him, they'll cost $400. They better sound damn good at that price.
@rrhoover @mjburnsy B&W P5s are good but zik touch controls doe
@rrhoover that pic has me totally captivated
Someone just recommended these headphones to me last week. Have you tried them, @hnshah?
@nikkielizdemere they are nice. I've tried the originals. Quite expensive though. I like in-ear buds from Bose the best. I'm a fan of the Parrot brand, they make all kinds of awesome electronics including drones!
Holy shit I NEED those headphones. I cannot wait. I must have them RIGHT NOW!
thanks for posting @hnshah
Honestly not a huge fan of this, but the iphone control looks amazing :)