Parlor Skis

The Bonobos for custom skis

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Recently got a chance to chat with Mark Wallace of @parlorskis and they're doing some really cool things to bring you custom skis for the ski season! Try an online fitting as you would with Bonobos or Blank Label and Parlor can start making a custom pair of skis for you (no matter your level of skiing experience), which will enable you to enjoy the slopes even more with your own personalized riding style!
@kyledaustin @parlorskis Hey Kyle - James (marketing at Parlor) here. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome interview! Really enjoying delving into your podcast today...
@jarhamilton @parlorskis no problem, enjoyed the convo with Mark! If you ever want to catch up for a coffee/beer here in Boston and talk marketing LMK!
So Parlor is selling $1000 skis and has built a simple tool to help you know which of their skis would best match your skiing style, skill level, and your size (weight/height). It seemed to match me quite well when I went through it. They have the option to add custom graphics (adds $250/pair), but they skis themselves are fixed in their construction (which makes sense). The skis are made in east Boston. Hope their sticks hold up well for those who buy them. I remember when my friends started Armada and when Line was new. There is a pretty big learning curve.
@paulprins hey Paul, thanks for the kind words. This is almost entirely spot on. The only amendedment that I would make is that we do customize the construction/build as well as the layup and graphics.
I'm confused. I want to love this, but I don't know what you are selling. Not even going to your website. Are you fitting skis? Customizing graphics? Custom shaping skis? I don't quite see the difference between this and other established brands. Please explain.
@rueter hey Steven. Parlor is a custom ski builder based in Boston. Everything from shape, to layup, to top sheet graphics is customizable.