Competitive advantage through customer collaboration

Parlor is a Customer Collaboration Platform that transforms how you engage your customers to refine your products & improve those relationships. Parlor adds a 'relationship layer' to your product, unlocking unique functionality for your VIP users, such as the ability to preview your new feature ideas in app, or attach feedback to specific elements.

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Hi Friends! Welcome to Parlor – Parlor turns your users into collaborators & your product into a dynamic collaboration laboratory - all without impeding existing customers. Prefer to watch than read? We live in an age that demands constant evolution of product . Be it through new features, better user experience, or worthwhile engagement, there's always something new to build. But each year companies waste hundreds of millions of dollars on poorly tested features or redesigns that users at best don't want (Ryan had something to say about this or at worst hate so much they leave forever (looking at you, Snapchat). Parlor is a Customer Collaboration Platform which transforms how you validate your ideas, de-risk your efforts, and ensure lasting customer loyalty. Would love to take any questions :)
@austin_federa Love video! Great shallow depth of field 😃
@philnottingham I'm pretty sure it was @thekeithf's first official company purchase!
@austin_federa @philnottingham Hahaha! All the credit goes to Wistia's Soapbox extension, a large cup of coffee, and my dogs miraculously staying quiet!
Howdy neighbors! Keith Frankel here from team Parlor. The idea for Parlor came about while my co-founders and I worked at our last company, Firecracker. The question we were trying to solve then was simply: "How can we validate the impact of all of the new feature ideas we have before we write a single line of code?" Our solution ended up being a patchwork mess of 3rd party tools, manual workflow hacks, and a lot of time intensive back and forth with users. But more importantly, it worked, and we used that novel system for product development to bootstrap Firecracker to an acquisition earlier this year. Parlor is the result of all those years of learnings, productized so any digital product team can use it. In a nutshell, Parlor is a customer collaboration platform which adds a 'relationship layer' to your live product experience, allowing you to engage your most important users in highly specialized ways. By doing so, you can transform your customers into collaborators and your live product into a dynamic collaboration lab – all without disrupting those users or your UX. I'm really proud of what we've built to date, but would love to now how we can adjust it to make it more powerful for you. Please shoot me a line sometime!
Great idea for a product! Love the discovery sprint concept Any thoughts on workflows/integrations with Github/Invision/other tools for product and design developments?
@philnottingham You bet! @invisionapp is one of our most-used integrations, and there's a full list near the bottom of the Teams page Haven't built out Github but totally open to it - what's your use case for a @githubapi integration?
@philnottingham @invisionapp @githubapi @austin_federa Could be useful for feature requests with Parlor can be added as an issue within Github or other bug tracking platforms.
Hello! I'm a co-founder and the designer for Parlor and very excited to be sharing this with you all. @thekeithf gives a great explanation of why we built what we built, but if you have any questions about Parlor or why it does what it does, I'm here to help. You can reach me at And I hope we get to collaborate with you soon!
This is a fantastic concept! @thekeithf The best feedback we get often comes from customers who are using our product and when they're using our product. Currently, we use intercom to communicate with our customers and that's once source of customer feedback. Another source of feedback is from Fullstory user sessions where we can witness where users are struggling or succeeding. Two Qs: (1) Does Parlor play nice with Intercom? My worry is that having multiple bubbles in lower right could be confusing/clutter. If not does parlor offer chat and alternatives to Intercom. (2) Have you thought about allowing customers to write support articles themselves if they've figured out the solution to a problem (also with approval from company)?
@thekeithf Also are you more focused on customer feedback/collaboration on product features or current feature bug/support?
@daflatow Wow! Excellent questions, and I couldn't agree more about the source of best feedback. Most folks are relying solely on support tickets, analytics, and anecdotal sales calls to validate their efforts - rather than proactively engaging their population to help them vet and refine their ideas. That said, some responses: 1) We use both Intercom & FullStory as well (in fact, both of these were part of our 'patchwork solution' mentioned in one of my comments above which ultimately led to the creation of Parlor). Generally, the Parlor bubble is only displayed for those cohorts of users with whom a product team wants to more deeply engaged (e.g. beta testers, a customer advisory board, power users, etc.), so most users of a product still only see the customer support tool, like Intercom. For those users who see both: Today we simply nest the Parlor bubble slightly behind the Intercom one, and on hover they separate, allowing the user to select his or her desired choice. That said, we are currently working on a feature which will allow Parlor to act as the initial interaction and filter, meaning if a user has a support-related issue, we link to the Intercom message flow; likewise for a collaboration-related activity. That's certainly the ideal, and we're looking to launch support for that as quickly as possible. In the meantime, though, we let the support tool have preferential treatment and subtly hide the Parlor bubble behind it. 2) I LOVE this idea, and is fully within the realm of product development democratization, which is very much a goal of ours. At Firecracker, we would share a preview of an idea very early on with users (literally a design mockup or InVision prototype of a potential new feature we were considering), and some users would send us literally pages of notes on how it would affect their experience, how we could make adjustments, etc. So, I think this is very much in line with where we should go. We do already allow users to connect with other users in-app in order to discuss ideas, bugs, features, etc. The short-term version of what you're thinking could simply be promoting certain users to moderator roles, perhaps something called 'Collaboration Qualified User' (this is actually a term we've been playing around with internally). Would love your thoughts on this. 3) It's actually an interesting question; we've certainly approached Parlor prioritizing the former, i.e. concept/design-stage feature validation with users. That said, we have had a small number of companies interested in using Parlor primarily for QA purposes for their internal team. It's admittedly outside of what we originally envisioned, but is an interesting use case nonetheless. Hope that helps!