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Hello everybody at PH! Know anyone who drives to work everyday, leaving an empty parking space behind? Or, ever been that person circling around block after block, just wishing one of those people would let you use their space? Welcome to Parkbliss. We let people publish their unused parking spaces for others to discover, reserve and pay for. Quickly. Parkbliss is easy to use. If you're looking for parking, here's how it works: First, set your destination. Once nearby, you're presented with your parking options, where you simply reserve your preferred space and check in through the app once you arrive. And once you're ready to leave, in-app checkout is a breeze. It's that simple. Here's to never circling the block again.
@josemontiel Do people sell off-street parking spaces that they own, or public/street spaces that they're occupying and about to vacate? How do you know that the person parking there is the one who paid? (Presumably you can't enforce this if it's a public spot.)
@lastbestmatt Hello Matt, thanks for checking out Parkbliss. Parking spaces are privately owned, we let people publish their parking spaces when they are not using them, like when you drive to work for example. And in regard to your other question, in order to park, you must reserve it through the app and at any moment, providers are able to monitor which vehicle is parked in their space.
Good luck, guys.