Send crypto to your friends without the clunky wallet

ParJar makes sending crypto easy, fun, and social. It's an instant, no fee wallet that lets friends send each other cryptocurrency in group chats - used by over 16,000 people 80,000 times a month. Pick a friend, swipe their name, send them crypto in a tap.
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TLDR: Check below for the link to the group chat where we’re giving Hunters cryptocurrency to try out ParJar. Hi Hunters! We’re Parachute (makers of ParJar). We started out a year ago to make cryptocurrency easier to use in our lives. We believe cryptocurrency should be accessible, easy to use, and social. ParJar is our first product, with over 15,000 people using it 90,000 times a month to share coins with their friends in group chats. The biggest barrier we’re trying to solve is around the way people use cryptocurrency. For most people, cryptocurrency is hard to interact with, not very fun, and isolating. It’s the opposite of what we expect in the age of social payment solutions. We think that a small but crucial part in the adoption of cryptocurrency is in making tools that simplify how we interact with cryptocurrency, share it with our friends, and make it part of our daily lives. ParJar is the first step in us doing this. ParJar lets friends send each other coins in group chats. It’s an instant, no fee way to share cryptocurrency. Whether it’s sending coins to cover drinks with a buddy, or covering dues in your fantasy league - ParJar let’s cryptocurrency live in the places we interact with our friends. Today it lives in the popular messaging app, Telegram, with plans to expand over the next year. Here’s what it does today: *Instantly send over 40 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. *No fees or “gas”(the fees that cover traditional on-chain transactions) needed to send within ParJar *No setup or private keys (the security key needed to access traditional on-chain wallets) needed to get started *Traditional withdraw access to any on-chain wallet at anytime *Deposit cryptocurrency to ParJar from any traditional on-chain wallet *Add ParJar to any group chat on Telegram *Use ParJar in over 300 community chats on Telegram Special for Product Hunt: We’ve created a group for Hunters to get free coins and try out ParJar. Join and mention you’re coming from Product hunt to get your free wallet and some cryptocurrency. Let us know your thoughts, wishes, and feedback below. We’re here to chat! A few sites you should check out: ParJar:, Parachute:, Our story:
I have been a ParJar user for over a year, and think it is by far the best Telegram integrated project. Useful and at the same time easy to operate, it has really improved my cryptocurrency experience, and has exposed me to a wonderful community of people. The team has a work ethic that is sorely lacking in the cryptocurrency space, and even regular business. Instead of building something just to make a quick buck, and trying to find a use for it later, they have painstakingly integrated themselves into communities to become irreplaceable and are improving their tech one step at a time. Come discover them and see what the big deal is with /tip...A truly terrific project!
@borna_buinac Hey Thanks Eustace! (It's funny to see people here without their Telegram names - you could be anyone!) That's really awesome to hear the feedback! Our whole goal with ParJar was to make cryptocurrency live in our conversations - seeing you use ParJar as you chat with friends (and make new ones) is the dream.
Been using ParJar since the start. Definitely the best Telegram tipbot our there. The team is awesome and super helpful. Only fees are with withdrawal and it’s only for the gas. Pretty easy to use and great for beginners in crypto!
@tony_stark6 Easy to use for beginners - I'll take it! Thanks Tony!
Been using ParJar for while every single day and all I can say that im fascinated! It is flawless, convenient and too easy to use... that combined with an excellent team and the best community have created a “good vibes+energy cocktail” you will love! 👍
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My cousin Brad who kept talking about bitcoin at family meetings
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I'm into it already!
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