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Hey everyone, I'm Matt, Founder and CEO at Pariti. Really excited to be listed on Product Hunt and looking forward to hearing your feedback and answering any questions you've got. As a bit of background... Pariti is a mobile banking app to help you save money by paying your debts off quicker. By connecting your credit cards and bank accounts to the app, we analyse how much you can afford to spend, calculate how much you're paying on your debts, and if you're paying too much we can help consolidate them into just one low cost payment via our integrated partner Zopa. We're UK only for now but have big expansion plans on the horizon... I founded the business almost two years ago to help tackle 'the revolving debt trap'. We walk out of university with a ton of debt, have to fund our 20s on credit cards, and then get stuck in a cycle of debt which just never seems to go away, with credit card companies and banks often profiting from our decline rather than improvement. This is stressful, penalising, and hugely impacts our life choices. There had to be a better way... and so Pariti was born. We've just launched a brand new feature in the app which we're very excited about. When you've connected your banks and cards, you can see an analysis of exactly how much your overdraft and credit card debt is costing you. This is usually far too difficult to work out, and therefore even harder to start reducing. Now you can see the real cost of your debt, and then with Pariti can help more effectively pay this off faster. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! P.S. Thanks Alex for hunting us
Hey guys, I'm the Product Designer @ Pariti - gimme a shout if you have any feedback or questions :)
Interesting app to help young adults who are in debt to manage their spending!
@mujiji Thanks Angela! Let me know if you have any other product questions/feedback. We've got lots of exciting new features in the pipeline
Hi guys and thanks @lecanardmalade for the hunt. I run marketing for Pariti so reply to me if you've got any marketing/growth related questions!
Looks really cool! Do you also help with spending planning for future months? e.g. next month I want to spend £X on travel & if I go near that or over, let me know?
@robynexton Hey Robyn. We do indeed. We automatically forecast all your upcoming bills so you can see how much you have now, how much you need for future months, and what's left over to spend, save or pay off debt with. We don't yet have specific named goal pots such as 'holiday/travel' but let me know if this is something you'd find useful