Paribus for iOS

Track all your purchases and get refunds on price drops

#3 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2015
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Paribus is an app that scans your inbox for receipts, tracks prices on what you bought, and when they drop, automatically files claims to get you paid. Sign up in 60 seconds or less and arm yourself with a tool that can save you $100+ per year. Hassle free. After a multi-month beta, we're live on the App Store! As you know, every online store changes prices very frequently (some say Amazon alone changes up to 80 million prices a day). This means that you might by a TV for $400 today, only to have it go on sale for $350 a few days later. But stores have policies so that if the price drops after your purchase (policies/periods differ at every store), you are guaranteed the difference back. Your time is valuable -- let Paribus do the heavy lifting and get you the money you're promised. And so we build. Until then, lets disco dance! Would love to hear your thoughts :)
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@andrewmalek27 This is great! I see that you charge 25% of the amount you save, but do you also monetize the data? Seems like there is lots of good stuff there about what is being bought.
@pitdesi We don't and we don't plan to at the moment. We want to be 100% on the consumer side. And if we were to leverage purchasing data in the future, it would absolutely be to shed light on discrimination and increase competition between retailers :)
@andrewmalek27 let's disco dance!
@andrewmalek27 That a great idea! My compliments, guys, we did a really great job here! What`s next plan?
This is awesome! We couldn't be happier to be back on ProductHunt! The truth is that we're indebted -- the community helped us launch in a HUGE way. Having your support over the past 3 months has helped us iterate faster than we ever thought possible. But we're only just getting started. Today Paribus launched on iOS. We'd be nowhere without the intense work of @andrewmalek27, @mo_mughrabi and many others. Our entire team is blocking time off to chat and get your thoughts. Would love to discuss your views on the app, hear about your experiences so far (good & bad) and learn how we can keep driving things forward. We're working like mad here. And for more, check out The Verge's exclusive review on the iOS launch (
@eglyman awesome job man! Downloaded the app and besides the killer concept, the UX/UI is beautiful.
@eglyman Great job the product looks awesome. I cannot find it in the UK app store - is that because you have not launched UK yet? If so cannot wait to tell everybody about it when you do!
I've been using Paribus for a few months - saved me over $50 so far!
Great idea! Excited to try this out!
why were you guys motivated to make an iOS app? because the process is quite automated and connected to your email account; i wouldn't have necessarily expected you to build one.
@_jacksmith The short answer is because that's what our members wanted :) 1) We kept hearing about users introducing Paribus to their friends. Most ended up looking for an app on the Appstore before having the "Ahhh it's a website!" reaction. 2) Making the sign-up experience totally frictionless has been our number one priority from the start. The App experience is so much smoother. 3) Alerting users of upcoming savings through a push notification makes for a much better user experience than an email