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I'm very concerned about privacy and your access to my data. You ToS & Privacy Policy state you can sell my data as well as use it to send me targeted ads. That makes me nervous. I don't see anything in your terms that protects my info or says that you'll stop using it if I stop your service.
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@fbara solid q
@fbara Hi Frank, thanks for the feedback, and definitely happy to discuss anytime. Just like we're trying to bring transparency to changing prices, we advocate transparency in everything we do. Before we launched the website, we worked with specialists to craft a very clear and legally compliant privacy policy that lays out what information we collect and how we use and share that information. The Privacy Policy bars us from selling any personally identifiable information -- at all times. If you stop using the service, we are bound to delete all personal information as well. We are not in the business of selling personal information. Our entire revenue stream relies upon our ability to successfully get you money back (and our our success %).
@eglyman @fbara Thanks for responding, Eric. While I understand your statement about not selling my information, there's nothing in your policy that says you won't do it. In fact, it says you will sell it to other parties, specifically if you decide to merge, sell, or liquidate your company (section 4 of your privacy policy). I give you credit for being open and transparent about your company, I respect that. However, it seems to me that your real business is the selling of data, my data, to third-parties. I wish you well with your product but this is one business that I choose not to use.
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Paribus is a webapp that scans your inbox for receipts, tracks prices on what you bought, and when they drop, automatically files claims to get you paid. Retailers have unbelievably sophisticated tools to get you to pay more without realizing it. Amazon is estimated to adjust 80 million prices every day, and most other major stores are close behind.. Other stores sneakily use your data against you — to get you to pay more through data-driven discrimination (customized pricing). Consumers are outmatched. My co-founder Karim and I wanted to build something to even the odds. If you've overpaid, or are eligible for savings, Paribus is going to work to help you get it — always. You save effortlessly. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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@eglyman This is an excellent GIF :clap:
love the way you custom landing for PHunters :p - I just wonder if this works well in other countries than the US? I'm based in France and would sign up for the service if I know I'll get good quality too.
@thibautdavoult Hey Thibault. I shop a ton in France and would love it to work there as well but we're unfortunately limited by the retailer policies at this point. Online shopping is a lot more mature in the US and the status quo is more shopper-friendly (frequent coupons, free shipping, returns etc.). That being said, we are planning to expand the Paribus offering to the countries/retailers where it would work very soon.
@karimatiyeh Thank you for your answer! I figured that would be the case, it's a lot to ask for such a service to work across borders, so I fully understand :)
@thibautdavoult Of course! Would add that there is a work-around that we've heard int'l users go for (we've saved money for members in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America, etc.). If you shop at the US versions of their supported stores. and order for delivery abroad (Export services, re-shipping, etc.), we can have you covered :) Hope to do more in the coming months!
My only concerns are the permission levels granted if you connect Paribus to your GMail: * View and manage your mail * View, manage, and permanently delete your mail in Gmail * Create, update, and delete labels * Compose and send new email This seems like an abuse of permissions. You could have just asked for read only: Care to explain overstepping these boundaries @eglyman?
Hi @cballou. Unfortunately, GMail permissions are not as granular as we would ideally like them to be. In a perfect world we just ask for the ability to read receipts and send emails on your behalf to a preset list of customer service emails (which is what we effectively do). The ability to "read emails" is what we need to identify receipts and the ability to "send emails" is what we need to communicate with customer service on your behalf. To get these two permissions via GMail, the text you quote is the out-of-the-box nomenclature they use. I hope this helps
This looks so amazing, I keep looking for a catch. I didn't even know you could get refunds from Amazon if the price dropped. The FAQ says "Paribus gets you money back when prices drop, effortlessly. Stores often guarantee that you will get the lowest prices. They even promise to price match. But they don’t follow through unless you work for it. Paribus changes this -- it does the work for you to get you paid." I like the pricing model too. Pretty excited for this! Signed up and waiting for deluge of cash like on that awesome looking landing page.
@manasvinik Thanks :) Excited to have you on board.
@manasvinik the catch is, they take 25% of the refund.
@chrismessina Yes, I noticed, but I'm actually okay with that, considering I wouldn't have got anything at all otherwise. In fact it seems like a fair model, since their revenue would depend on the money they actually save for people. In general, I think it's a good sign when there is a pricing model of some sort, since products that don't may not last very long. There's also the adage about when it's completely free, you're the product. About that, and catches in general, @fbara has raised some concerns a little further down the page.