Paribus 2.0

Find out for free if online stores owe you a refund!

Paribus 2.0 is an automated service that fights to get you cash back when prices drop on Amazon or dozens of other online retailers. They'll automatically submit a price claim to the retailer and get you cash back, no intervention needed. ✨

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If the world’s most powerful companies have algorithms and bots to set what you pay online, it’s only fair that consumers have the finest on their side too. Paribus is here to fight for consumers and we’re proud to announce the release of our new iOS app. In addition to getting you refunds automatically, you’ll now be able to see a live, anonymized feed of savings — and in one tap make purchases of “verified” deals. Real deals that real people are getting. A simple, but powerful feature to combat the trend of how list prices have lost their meaning (Read more on this phenomenon at: This app also runs using the new and improved Paribus savings bot. We’ve done a huge amount of work under the hood to improve our algorithms to save you more and more. Thanks for the hunt, @chrismessina
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@eglyman What info do you see on the consumer? How does it work?
@raritan Hey Chuck, the only information that the Paribus Receipt Fetcher picks up is transactional data (communications that appears to be from known merchants -- Once you join, Paribus works by first identifying recent purchases based on e-receipts. Paribus then monitors and compares price changes for these items in real time. Once an eligible claim is detected, Paribus engages with the retailer on your behalf and files a claim requesting a refund. When Paribus succeeds and a retailer issues a price adjustment, money is typically refunded directly into the original form of payment (i.e. how you paid for the purchase). You will be informed via email during both steps, when Paribus files a claim and when a claim was successful. The only work to be done is joining. After that, your refunds are taken care of automatically.
@raritan @eglyman As far as I can tell so far, they need full access to your emails and to make the system work better so they say, full access to your Amazon account, given by handing your Amazon password over.
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@think_andreah Love it! So happy to have your support
Thanks for posting @chrismessina! We're very excited to be releasing the new version of the app. While this mostly an interface revamp, we're planning on launching a set of new (still invisible) improvements to help users save even more. Happy to answer any questions! More details about the release here:
Paribus has saved me about $300 so far (I use Amazon a LOT). Super-happy to see the continued development.
@andyfossett what are the ranges of price drops? I'm curious if the $300 is from a few big purchases or many tiny ones?
@chrismessina There's been a bunch in the $1-4 range, but I had a handheld vacuum that got discontinued for a newer (almost identical) model that brought back about $50, and a couple other larger items with price drops of $10-20. But I also live in Hawaii and use the hell out of Amazon Prime, so mostly, it's just volume.
Version 2.0 of Paribus shows system-wide price drops and how much other people are saving now... pretty interesting twist. Great example of an invisible app that you set and forget — and then (eventually) get paid!
@chrismessina have you been using this?
@sethlouey yes—since it first launched. I've only saved like $5, but it's nice to have this kind of proactive price protection that fires automatically when there's a price drop.
@chrismessina I definitely like the invisible ux. Signed up!
Absolutely love this and was amazing to hear the incredible story of Paribus first hand from the main man @eglyman very exciting times ahead and such a beautiful product! @chrismessina excellent choice of hunting!
@harrystebbings @chrismessina Thanks Harry! Appreciate your believing in us since the very early days (and sharing our story with the Twenty Minute VC community), and happy to have your feedback