Buy products online that don't ship to your country.

Parcl is a worldwide shipping community, where users help each other get goods from stores, that don't ship to their countries. Parcl launched in 2015, and today has around 40,000 shoppers and 1100+ verified forwarders in 105 countries.

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This is smart, but the branding looks like a scam.
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@ldesserrey Hmmmn, why would you say that? Just curious is all...looked fairly well fleshed-out to me.
@ldesserrey Thanks for the comment. The main idea of branding and design in general was to make it as simple as possible. Even minimalistic. Why? Because we realize how sometimes apps, services or websites are difficult to use due to excessive details and features.
@avinashdsouza @ldesserrey Agreed - Besides stock art and the cartoon, which a lot of startups use, I don't see the issue. They even use HTTPS off the bat.
@thejournalizer @ldesserrey I also agree. However most users I know have deep reservations about online peer-to-peer transactions, especially after the Venmo Slate story. Everyone's scared of getting scammed online, regardless of the actual risk or potential damange. More upfront social proof and guarantees about security on the homepage could be a quick fix to blunt this.
@deltaspark Andy, thank you for your comment. That's true, we're currently working on making our homepage more trustworthy. Thanks!
Ok, this is the most brilliant idea and a moment when I ask myself "why I did not think of it?" Been using my cousin to forward me packages but there is only so much favours he can do :D
@kristapslazda Thank you)) You should offer your cousin to register at parcl and start his forwarding business))
@irinaakuzmina @kristapslazda Hah, I did just that! :)
I really love it. Brazil is a really hard country to get products. But people here don't trust other people sending products like that. How do you avoid the man in the middle from stealing it?
@aleattorium Jean, thank you. Yes, shipping limitations were the reason behind the idea. We believe that people all over the world should enjoy special offers and deals from the stores. And thank you for your question, because that was a real challenge for us to make parcl secure. First of all, we ask all our community members to upload scans of their ID (any ID is ok). The ID is kept private, no one except our moderators see it, this tells us that the person has nothing to hide and is open for communication. Second, if there is a dispute our moderators look into it, investigate the details of delivery, and decide whether the refund is needed. And if someone behaves dishonestly, their account will be blocked. Of course, we are constantly working on improving security and usability of our service.
Looks great. There are a lot of companies who don't ship to Israel and in Israel such products are much more expensive. I'm trying to find info about cost, estimates. How I know, what is the "forwarder" fee?
@volodarik Thanks, Aleksandr! First of all you can have a look at forwarder's profile, there you will find average shipping costs. But it is better to post your request, and see what forwarders will offer because all the rates are very individual. Moreover, you can negotiate the price with the forwarder later on.
Hi @irinaakuzmina, My first thought when seeing the home page was "won't I have troubles with customs?". I see from Seys' comment that's something you can take care of, it would probably deserves to be mentioned clearly on home page :) Also, there are some products that are illegal to import in some countries (for example, it's illegal in France to buy large quantity of tobacco from outside, I'm pretty sure every countries have such regulations). Did you plan on checking for this on all deliveries? If not, you may mention that customer is responsible for complying to their country's laws (for example, in the "What can I buy" section from FAQ).
Hello @oelmekki. Thank you so much for your insight, that's true that we need to mention customers are responsible for complying the import regulations. In future we're planning to add a "Package validator" feature, that will check the request and signalize the forwarder it is alright and can be processed.