Buy products online that don't ship to your country.

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Laurent Desserrey
@ldesserrey · Design at Tribe, Snapchatters, Leak
This is smart, but the branding looks like a scam.
Ok, this is the most brilliant idea and a moment when I ask myself "why I did not think of it?" Been using my cousin to forward me packages but there is only so much favours he can do :D
Jean Lucas
@aleattorium · A Brazilian chef that likes to code.
I really love it. Brazil is a really hard country to get products. But people here don't trust other people sending products like that. How do you avoid the man in the middle from stealing it?
Aleksandr Volodarsky
@volodarik · CEO @ CodingNinjas
Looks great. There are a lot of companies who don't ship to Israel and in Israel such products are much more expensive. I'm trying to find info about cost, estimates. How I know, what is the "forwarder" fee?
Olivier El Mekki
@oelmekki · maker
Hi @irinaakuzmina, My first thought when seeing the home page was "won't I have troubles with customs?". I see from Seys' comment that's something you can take care of, it would probably deserves to be mentioned clearly on home page :) Also, there are some products that are illegal to import in some countries (for example, it's illegal in France to buy lar… See more