And app for quick notes and lists

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This isn't for writing essays, more for the kind of things that pop into your head and you'd normally scribble on a bit of paper. I think one of the strongest features of this app is the ability to read or create notes without even unlocking your phone.
I'm big fan of google keep, but this app looks gorgeous, will try it
Unfortunately not working with nexus 5, don't know why :( @michaelarkins is it possible to fix it?
@m3tthew I might be able to help with the error - please let me know some more details of your error.
@sadlilas it show's me this message: This app is incompatible with your device.
@m3tthew Parchi is currently available only in India. We plan to release Parchi globally in a phased manner. The app will soon be available in your country with new features and improvements #TeamParchi
@sadlilas oh, i see, thank you for worrying