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There is a medium post explaining a bit more about the project here:
Today we are launching a little beta called Parcel. It's an experiment to see if there is a simple way to cut up bits of podcasts and turn them into your own mixtape. This is a side project, we know it's by no means finished but we'd love you guys to play with it and give us some feedback. Thanks.
If there was some way for this to be a mashup with it would be amazing
@mikewilkes Yes - agree. I love audiosearch.
Love this, @koopstakov. Super interesting. I've been trying every tool to make audio clips to promote my podcast. It's a big ask to get someone to experience 30+mins of synchronous audio (or 15+mins if you're a 2xer) especially when discovery often happens somewhere other than your podcast player, so clips seem like a great way to give people a sample before committing. Anchor is tough because you can't upload audio (and recording by holding your phone to your laptop is just too janky, imo, and the audio-in cables I've tried with an iPhone haven't worked reliably). Overcast only has start times for their Twitter card embeds. Clammr clip creation is close, but a bit cumbersome and the 24sec clips are too short for many quotes. Cutting up clips in Garageband/Quicktime and then uploading to Soundcloud is also cumbersome, though their Twitter cards are solid. My hunch is that these clip creation tools need to play nicely with all other podcast player apps.
@bryanlanders Yes - if there is a way to scrape ALL podcasts then that's obviously ideal. Maybe that will happen - we were able to do this because we had all the original files from DRT.
Fascinating! Longed for something like this for ages... However, I really want the creation part of this baked into my podcast player though ideally. Or at least the collection of markers that could be "parcelled".
@imsickofmaps yeah that's a nice idea.