Hollands' largest property rental website relaunched

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Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO @ Teampage –
In 2015 I went from being a simple (ProductHunt) Maker to the CTO of Pararius. And got lucky to lead a complete redesign of our website. Pararius is a dinosaur, founded in 2006 with over 1M visits/month, and although an online platform always outsourced most of their tech stuff. I was able to convince them they needed tech knowledge in the management, and got the opportunity to build a local + remote (hello Romania) team. The redesign project heavily relies on javascript (ES6) of which you can read more tech details about here: Super proud of our map, so check it out: > Thanks to Pararius is also available in 6 languages.
Patrick Loonstra@patrickloonstra · Designer at
Holland? The Netherlands! Holland is just a part of The Netherlands.
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO @ Teampage –
@buxx wikipedia is our friend: Holland: "Informally a designation referring to the whole of the Netherlands"
Ernst@ernstmul · Co-founder @eVect
I've used Pararius over a year ago for some time, and it crossed my mind multiple times why there was no better looking/working alternative. The result of this huge overhaul is awesome @yvoschaap. This most definitely keeps Pararius ahead of any competitors for a while! Now only if their native app was just as awesome.. (We at would love to do that by the way ;-) )
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO @ Teampage –
@ernstmul thanks! We hope to become leading in the space again. Our native apps are actually being updated as we speak. But ping me, maybe there is an longer term opportunity there...
Robin Wouters@robinwo · Robin
Looks good! Big improvement, great job!