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Early stage investor.
This is a huge pain point for people at sports events, music festivals and tons of live events and experiences. Navigating spaces, finding your friends, figuring how which gig is best to go to or which tailgate party is the most fun is a massive pain. Relying on static maps and non-existent updates isn't good enough, which is where Paranoid Fan comes in. It also allows me to find bars and venues showing Liverpool games (I'm far more inclined to enjoy these experiences now vs a few years ago) in NYC and other cities around the world. I'm excited to have invested in Paranoid Fan as part of the Techstars Connection program in partnership with AB InBev. There are a ton of really exciting developments coming down the track and I'm looking forward to watching that all develop.
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Co Founder, Paranoid Fan
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our new Android app! Our mission is to change the way fans experience live events. We connect fans at the venue and help them find what they're looking for. Local chat connects everyone at the game, while sharing and dropping pins makes it easy to find and identify what you're looking for (tailgates, watch parties, parking, concessions, etc.). There are many ways fans are using Paranoid Fan since we launched on iOS a few months ago. We saw fans at Lollapalooza using the app to record video at entrance/exit gates, restroom lines, beer lines, etc., to give fans a portal into that location. We learned from Lollapalooza that fans spent an average of 8 hours on-site at the venue each day and users saved an hour on average per day. We value feedback from our users and would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment below or contact us directly via Twitter @ParanoidFan, www.paranoidfan.com, or email help@paranoidfan.com.
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Eric Willis
Working on something new
Social discovery app for live events - gameday, concerts/festivals, amusement parks. They help fans find watch parties, tailgates, parking, apparel, food, beer, and even your friends in a crowd of people.
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Great app and a great team!