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HunterMaker@doyoulikesports · Co Founder, Paranoid Fan
Hey everyone, a big thanks to Troy at Sport Techie for hunting us! This is Hunter and Agustin and we’re the founders of Paranoid Fan. We’re both lifelong sports fans. But when Agustin attended the 2014 World Cup our idea for improving the fan experience crystalized. The World Cup was an incredible experience but it’s easy to rack up hours of time spent trying to find watch parties, tailgates, meet ups, food, apparel and even friends. Time that would be better spent having fun, not looking for it. We knew this wasn’t limited to the World Cup and extended to any game anywhere in the world. So we set out to create an app that combined social mapping + sports to help fans find the good stuff. We’re a community of fans helping fans. We build our maps through a mix of our in-house map editing team and YOU. Pinning on the Paranoid Fan map is very simple and awards you with points that can be used to win tickets, apparel, and special experiences at various meet ups with America’s favorite sports personalities (Jonah Keri, Ken Rosenthal, Drew Magary). Using Paranoid Fan, you can get directions to your parking spot before you leave the house, find your friends tailgate with turn by turn directions, or connect with everyone at the game in one big local group chat. Every function of the app is built to make the fan experience easier to navigate, and more fun. Beyond the venue, fans can pin watch parties and meet ups to mobilize alumni and other fans in your area. If you’re a ManU fan in Dallas we’ll help you find the best place to watch the game with other ManU fans. Or if you’re an LA Dodgers fan in Chicago, we’ll show you the most fan-friendly meet ups in Chi-town. We often hear Waze references from users who have both apps. But rather than pinning pot holes, red light cameras, and traffic jams – users pin tailgates, watch parties, and other gameday essentials. We’re really excited about being featured on Product Hunt but more than anything we look forward to hearing your feedback. We update the app frequently and every bit of feedback will be used to create an even better product for the fans. Happy to connect on twitter: @paranoidfan | Hunter - @doyoulikesports | Agustin @gammatrader09
Troy Ruediger
Troy RuedigerHunter@troy_ruediger · Helping shape the future of sports!
Hey Product Hunters, Really cool app. Easily find and navigate tailgates, 🚗 parking, 🌭 food, 🍺 beer n' more! Perfect app for the opening week of the MLB season. 😉 They were finalist at the NFL/TechCrunch “1st and Future” pitchoff as part of the "future stadium" vertical. They were also named one of Buzzfeed’s “Top Startups To Make Life Easier”. 😎 Check it out!
Agustin Gonzalez
Agustin GonzalezMaker@gammatrader09 · Founder/CEO, Paranoid Fan
@troy_ruediger Thanks Troy for hunting us. This genesis of this idea started during my time at the 2014 World Cup in Rio, Brazil. I was trying to find out where other USA fans were hanging out at but the information is so fragmented. Then it hit me: Why not build a "Waze for sports fans." Thus, Paranoid Fan was born.
Derek Nuzum
Derek Nuzum@dnuzum · Product Manager | Web Developer
Pretty cool. Definitely see some potential. A couple of things... Not seeing Safeco Field. Have MLB stadiums been implemented? Also, Broadcast is misspelled under Venues.
Agustin Gonzalez
Agustin GonzalezMaker@gammatrader09 · Founder/CEO, Paranoid Fan
@dnuzum Hey Derek... Thanks for the feedback. We actually started out geocoding all the NFL stadiums and most major college programs as well. Our plan this month is to have our map editors geocode the MLB ballparks and also the venues for Copa America. And thanks for the "misspelling" find -- good catch. I'm on it now. :) Please stay in touch with us!
Michael Keoni DeFranco
Michael Keoni DeFranco@michaeldefranco
Great idea! Best of luck to the team