Parallel Spaces

Docker-like containers for Android apps

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Brandon Giesing
Brandon GiesingHunter@bgiesing39 · Owner, Pravox Networks
I found this amazing app today. It provides containers for Android apps without Root. This means you can use multiple Twitter accounts, play more than one copy of a game at the same time, and even separate home and work. All while working with 99℅ of the apps on Google Play for free! **Note about privacy** The app requests every permission you can because they run sandboxed inside it. It prevents the apps from crashing without the correct permissions. It's from the same people who made the popular LBE Privacy Guard so they have a reputation for secure and private apps.
Kane Montreuil
Kane Montreuil@kanemontreuil
This looks very promising. Definitely checking this out now.
Angel Botto
Angel Botto@vozconciente
OMG super great!!! thanks for this product, #upvote
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
this is ground breaking, how is this not at the top