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Looks cool -- but you need a trial! No problem with the price, just need to offer a try before you buy. Hear that AppStore‽
Woohoo - one more writing app for my collection 😎 This looks really cool! Looking forward to trying it out.
Looks awesome. But a little bit pricey. No exclusive offer for the PH community?
There will be hell to pay!! ;)
Thanks! It's a little difficult to do promotional stuff like PH exclusives straight through the app store unfortunately. @amvlad
trial version then?😁@harryh0pe @amvlad
In the works! (No eta at the moment though) @teresa20133 @amvlad
It says $9.99. Is that considered pricey? Seems like a deal to me. @amvlad
Hey everyone, developer of Paragraphs here. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your feedback + support!
@harryh0pe I'd really recommend throwing in a free trial. I use Typed right now, and I would try out Paragraphs and might even switch to it and pay the $10, but to pay $10 before I know if I want to switch, it's a bit steep.
Look cool but $10 just to try it out is a bit pricey for me. I'm really not sure if I'll keep using it after the first try. That's what happened with iAWriter for me.