Powerful meeting app for remote and distributed teams

Parabol guides Retrospective and Check-In meetings, syncing tasks to a powerful task board.

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Hello Product Hunt, Today’s teams have many management tools, but only one set of priorities. PARABOL enables cross-functional collaboration and clarity by syncing teams in a single daily dashboard with a weekly ritual. The old models for organizing and working together are becoming obsolete due to ever-increasing speed, scale, and complexity. Organizations of all sizes – and in all categories – need tools to adapt to this new world; digital tools that promote adaptivity and responsiveness, but also experimentation and transparency. Plan the Week Parabol’s Meetings slay rambling status check-ins with its facilitated process. Point your team at the meeting link and collaboratively review progress, clear roadblocks, and prioritize toward shared goals in a personable, rapid-fire, 30-minute status check-in. It’s live and multi-player; perfect for remote team members. Do the Work Focus team priorities and move forward, together. Your Team Dashboard makes task accountability and priority clear. Stuck waiting on somebody? Signal where you’re blocked and get help. Parabol is designed for people who belong to multiple teams. See everything you’re accountable for on your Personal Dashboard. Share Progress Keep stakeholders informed, automatically. Parabol emails your whole team a Summary of each Meeting, which can easily be shared with others who want—or need—to stay in the loop.
Hey! Jordan, co-founder of Parabol here. While this first version of our product enables the best weekly team meeting a remote team has ever had, there's a _bunch more cool stuff coming. Soon, we'll feature an editable org chart, team knowledge, and retrospectives. I should mention, Parabol is also 100% open source: We also write a post detailing what's changed with our company each week: If you have questions, come at me! :)
@jrhusney sweet product, nice work
Great job !! Can it work on iOS ,MacOS, Windows 10?
@ayush_chandra we're a web-based product. The only thing Parabol requires is a modern web-browser and a websocket connection

If you have a group of people that is trying to acheive some shared progress but you don't really have good visibility of each others work give Parabol a try.


It is great for small teams that want to get into Agile


Very limited customization. If you are used to crazy Jira workflows you will like the ease of parabol but might miss the customization.