Your luggage companion that keeps belongings safe

PAQ lets you pack your bags Faster, Easier and Safer. Protect your valuable from crack, spill, crease, and even theft.

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What a smart idea. I used to overpack and this wasn't an issue for me, but more recently I try to bring as few things as possible and it leaves a lot of space in my bag that allows for movement and damage of certain items. By filling the unused space, you're protecting anything that shouldn't be knocked around like a camera or laptop.
Great job!! 😊 Would love to feature this on my website ,could we receive an bag for review ?
I am just wondering if this product is FAA Approved? Does it use a lithium ion battery? I backed up a BlueSmart suitcase one year ago and lost all the money as they went bankrupt with the change in FAA regulation. Could you please explain? Thanks.