An online notepad

Papir is an online notepad. No registration, just start writing. The focus has been on keeping it easy and having good defaults.

Your note instantly has it's own unique URL, and Papir saves everything you type automatically.

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I've added this as a go to tab for fast access during video calls, a great place to just throw notes before filing.


Does exactly as promised which is fantastic.


None as yet. When you have a lot of notes it may be tricky to find em. But that's not the use-case.

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So simple. Don’t add any features. Just beautiful.
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This is pretty neat Sebastian, I like that you can easily share it :) Do you plan to add any new feature to it? It would be nice if you could add a checklist like you can do on the Notes app on iOS.
@guillaumebardet Hi Guillaume, thank you. Yes there will be new features! My thought was to get people's initial feedback. Checklist and will likely be coming soon!
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@guillaumebardet @sebastianalmnes Try to keep it simple. It's a great app.
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really nice! hate when I have to wait too long for my notepad to open, this is NEAT!
Cool solution if you don't want to wait for notepad to open))
@bitrewards Glad you found it useful