Friendly foosball scorekeeper and stats tracker for Slack

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Big thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us. Here is the little story of Papio. For a while now, we have adopted a playful atmosphere in the office and are playing foosball...intensively. We could never find a board large enough to keep the scores (yeah, we play that much). The struggle was real every time we had to erase it. Excel sheets were just too painful to fill up, we needed something to enhance our games while tracking them. Now Papio is monitoring the game live with the mobile interface, keeping the scores, updating every player’s stats, giving away bananawards and others banananalysis. What started as a side project, became our obsession. Papio grew stronger, smarter and funnier every week until he became the most appreciated teammate at the office. We believe that Papio is bringing the bot to another level with the mobile interface and the fluidity of the conversation is also pretty stunning; autonomous, expressive and hilarious. But you’re all here to confirm it. Integrate Papio to your team’s Slack and come back at us with some feedback of any kind. Right now, Papio is only tracking foosball games, but the demand will guide its evolution, so please tell us how it could be best adapted to your work&play culture! Can’t wait to hear from you guys! See ya, Sam
Mubashar Iqbal
I design, I develop, I make.
@samuel_halle @erictwillis So cool! A while back I built a web app to track the "friendly" Table Tennis competition we had a company I worked at.
@samuel_halle @erictwillis Very cool! congrats. Ping pong (table tennis) is very popular here in Mexico, would love to see a bot for keeping scores on that!
@arturo_ojeda Noted! :D Thanks for the feedback!