All your receipts, invoices, and payments in one place.

Save all your receipts with one click. Do it in 15 seconds, not hours.

- Connect one or more Google, Outlook and IMAP email accounts.

- Paperworks automatically scans your email for any receipts, invoices, and payments.

- Downloads attachments and saves emails as PDFs automatically.

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A "one week build" I made. Check out my medium story where I talk about why, how, and the awesome tools + services I used to build it :) The story: Follow up story: Issues/features/requests: Info regarding pricing:
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@pqvst This is just great! Can we have more than 1 year history please? :)
@rberrehili Should be possible once I finish some backend optimizations. Feel free to add more details here:
@pqvst Great! The thing is I need to go through my old invoices in 2014 for this week ;) I go check the github!
@rberrehili In case you didn't notice, I've extended the max history to 36 months in the pro plan now. I hope that helps.
🎯 You've pinpointed a pain I'm sure lots of people have! 👏 Before starting to depend on this service, it would be interesting to hear your plan for Paperworks, whether it is just a fun project that now will rest on the shelf or if you actually intend to build out the future features you listed in the Medium post (thanks for an interesting read!) and give it a real shot for the long-term (assuming it gains sufficient traction over time)?
@mrolovsson Well, the #1 reason for building it was because I myself hate dealing with "paperwork" and I couldn't find a good solution for it. Honestly, I have no idea if other people suffer from the same issue... But that's why I wanted to build a super quick MVP and put it out in the wild :) If it gains some decent traction (i.e. problem/solution validation) then I'll definitely build out more features. There are already a couple that I feel I need for my own usecase (like dropbox/gdrie syncing).
@pqvst thanks for the reply. For sure many others suffer the same. Keeping my fingers crossed they find Paperworks, so we can all enjoy more features and a problem solved :-)
You can add following feature to make it much useful * Hard copy scanning * Sharing and collaboration like docs * A mobile app to easy access and track the location where the paper work/receipt added * An email signature button to add documents to app directly (i don't know the tech but i love this to be done)
@blrbalam Awesome suggestions. Do you mean a link at the bottom of emails you receive that allow you to tag them as "paperwork"? It's an interesting idea - not sure how to solve that though #thinking...
@pqvst Yes right. In all signatures who use Paper work. it can't be set for all people. still you can encourage people who use the app.
@pqvst @blrbalam You could solve this with a chrome extension that 1) adds a one-click button to each incoming email, 2) for outgoing, bcc a custom email, capture w/ mailgun etc, and auto-convert to PDF on your backend, with a public link you can auto-add to the signature line
@blrbalam @onedurr Hmm yeah, I like the idea of using a chrome extension!
Simple, effective, gets work done! Great product @pqvst, thanks for making this
Any plans for apps?
@keirwilliams Hmm, I haven't really thought about that yet. Do you have a particular use case in mind (other than making it mobile friendly)?
@pqvst Scanning physical receipts and invoices comes to mind.
@keirwilliams Ah yes, that would definitely take the product to the next level :)