Super thin tyvek wallets designed by artists

#5 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2014
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You can also browse / purchase wallets that are already in their shop that aren't just on KickStarter. Impressed with the artistry. (The first two below are different even though it might be hard to tell from these images.)
@nikkielizdemere Nice, I bought one of these (at leats similar) from urbanoutfitters months ago, it was called Mighty Wallet I think, anyhow, they need to be treated carefully ;)
Hi Guys - We started Paperwallet a few years ago to bring a new canvas for artists to get their names out there, and we are stoked about all the comments and enthusiasm around our new collection for Kickstarter. I'd be happy to answer any question!
Finally a wallet that isn't black or brown.
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@atroyn Wallets are the perfect unit of customization. Cheap enough that you can buy multiple varieties. Hidden most of the time, so it can be flashy without changing your look (i.e. I carry a bright red leather wallet every day, but I wouldn't be willing to wear a bright red leather jacket daily).
@NeilThanedar so what you're saying is they're our generation's pocket square.
@atroyn Exactly. For richer people, watches serve a similar purpose. (I don't wear a watch.)
@NeilThanedar that's a pretty neat way to think about accessories actually - means you can take the old style guides and sub 'Wallet' for 'Pocket Square'
I have a Dynomighty wallet and love Tyvek as a non-leather, but still durable, option. Good stuff!