Paperspace for Machine Learning

A Linux desktop in the cloud built for Machine Learning

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DillonMaker@dlnrb · Co-founder, Paperspace
Hey PH! I'm one of the founders of Paperspace and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have :) We have been working on this for a while now and I'm very excited to finally open it up to the public. With Paperspace you can now run a full desktop Linux environment in the cloud without any of the hassle that normally goes along with setting up a new computer. Let us know what you think!
Mikee Shattuck
Mikee Shattuck@mikee_shattuck · Creative Marketing Consultant
@dlnrb thank you for creating paperspace, its revolutionized my business
Alexis Ohanian
Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
I've been impressed with the Paperspace team since Dillon and Dan showed me their first demo at YC. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who has been waiting for them to launch linux. These guys really care about product and I think their take on machine learning will open up the tech to an even broader audience. I can see this really taking off the developer community.
DillonMaker@dlnrb · Co-founder, Paperspace
Hadi Farnoud
Hadi Farnoud@hadifarnoud
ML aside, Paperspace is so cool. thanks for posting @alexisohanian
adrianvonderosten@avonderosten · Co-Founder, Wade & Wendy
Simple and easy access to GPU performance, love it. Anyone working with machine learning should gush over this for the price alone.
Christopher Leach
Christopher Leach@leachy114 · Programmer and Student
Totally gonna boot one of these up, been using paperspace since beta days
James Futhey
James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
Wow, this is really cool! Was impressed with my first trial of Paperspace (Nice Windows VM for the occasional PowerShell task), and now a suite of cloud-based VMs, ready for ML experimentation & feature building. Really neat product!