Web page to PDF conversion API using Chrome

Paperplane is an API for converting web pages to PDF. It uses Chrome to create PDFs, so it has full support for the latest CSS and JS features. PDFs are uploaded to your S3 bucket, so your documents are never retained on our servers. And if you have lots of conversions to do, we can generate up to 20 PDFs in parallel.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
As a developer I’ve found there’s a PDF requirement for so many apps, but it’s always tedious and annoying to build that functionality. You can set up a PDF backend on your servers, but most people don’t enjoy server configuration tasks. And it complicates your infrastructure. Alternatively there are a bunch of hosted APIs for creating PDFs, but none worked quite the way I wanted. Paperplane uploads to your own S3 bucket, so that you don’t have to download your PDFs and re-upload them to cloud storage. It also works well with large batches - you can queue up lots of documents and receive webhooks as PDFs are generated. Let me know what you think!
Congrats on the launch. Curious - what sort of apps would be your customers?
@dotmanish Thanks! The ideal customer is a developer with a web app that needs to generate PDFs, e.g. for invoicing customers or providing downloadable documents to their users.
Hey, @nickdainty! Great job! I have developed myself a tool in the same direction of yours, but much simpler and less functional, Wish you the best! 😃
@quagliato Cool, that's great - looks like it's free as well which I'm sure will be useful for some people who just want to do some one-off conversions or are working on a hobby project!