Print your social photos on a roll

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It's printed on thermal paper. Most, but not all, thermal paper is soaked in BPA, not something you'd want to touch if you can help it. Wonder if their paper is BPA free.
Hi Product Hunters ! I’m Baptiste, maker of 💈 You find me very happy to be featured on Product Hunt. I’m a web developer and I’m passionate by interactive stuff. 🚀 One year ago I bought thermal printers 🔥 to implement some geek projects. I fell in love with these thermal devices: no ink, affordable and tiny. What’s inspired me was also the medium: a very long roll of paper. Long as our social timelines. The raw characteristic of this kind of printing may contrast with the use of virtual technologies. But linking the two made sense to me. The printing marks the paper by burning it in little points, interesting to shape photos in its unpretentiousness. Basically, it prints fast, responding to the instantaneous social sharing 🎈. Paperoll proposes to materialize that flow, as a weaving of our screens. Here is Paperoll, I have many features in mind (upload support, new service integrations, mobile app) but I hope this first release will make you happy ! ❤
@shinework Sweet. Tempted to pivot my Enchanted Book project @coenchanted after seeing this!
Nice. Reminds me of Txto.
Cool find - would like to see more details of what the quality is like. Looks a bit low-fi in their sample picture.
@adrianthomas The images do look a bit grainy. They use a thermal printer, so that might be the issue.
Looks cool. But I could only find the pricing of shipping (3.9€ - which makes me believe it's quite small) - but no info for the actual cost of the roll besides "1m or 8m is the same price"
@jpvalery The roll price is 9,90€ :)