A better way to track what you’re reading

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Lately, I've been keeping track of the books I want to read on an Amazon Wishlist. This is a much more engaging and fun way to track these books. I also love the various collections (similar to PH collections).
Thanks a lot guys for the feature! Papermark is a little side project of mine I've been working on for a few months. It showcases carefully curated collections of books designed to help you decide what to read next and then lets you keep track of what you've found, what you've read, and what you're reading, with notes, ratings, and all that stuff. Still very early, but I'd love any feedback, good or bad! In the future we want to build out collections a lot more with more variety and interesting ways to explore. Sharing your library is coming too.
Started using it yesterday. I like the fact that I can maintain my own personal book list without sharing it with the world. One feature which you may add is suggesting books to add in your list when a new user signs up. The collections could be very useful. Look forward to using it some more and seeing if it keeps me hooked!
Is there an app for this or just web? Very cool idea
@esbvn Currently just web, but apps are definitely coming. The app will be much more about micro updates, meaning quickly updating book progression or adding a new book to your library whilst your browsing in a book shop. The web is responsive so you should be able to use it without too much issue on mobile in the meantime!
This is similar to Backloggery, but for books, in the way that it's designed really well for the target audience and it's free! Nice job Ben!
this looks interesting; but I like goodreads because it has all my friends recommendations on there. This looks like it could be very cool if it had two way sync with goodreads (rather than just import functionality).