Control Your Mailbox, Stop Unwanted Paper Mail

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Colin Whooten
Colin WhootenHunter@cwhooten · Product Guy
@munsonbh I'm curious why you think she can only get rid of things in her name. I use this for my girlfriend's mail as well (different last name, same address). I've never had a complaint or a rejection from PaperKarma for doing so
Colin Whooten
Colin WhootenHunter@cwhooten · Product Guy
This is an older app, but not well known and very effective at reducing paper junk mail.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I've used it. It's good. I picked it up after Outbox had to shut down.
Abram Dawson
Abram Dawson@abramdawson · Principal, SV Angel
This works surprisingly well
tjmahony@tjmahony ·
I originally love it, but noticed the same retailers are mailing me again. After a few months they just loop you back into their system. The only real solution is to enacting an environmental law that limits junk mail.