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Chris Farber
Chris FarberMakerHiring@chrisbfarber · Co-founder / Paperjet
Hey Product Hunters! Paperjet makes your life easier by allowing you to take your paperwork online. You can now upload and fill out forms in your browser in just seconds. Our machine learning algorithms will detect the fields for you making the form fillable immediately. To make things easier we've added signing as well as faxing to over 120 countries. We used to hate filling out forms and hope you guys enjoy trying out Paperjet. Let us know what you think, thanks!
Matt Tagg
Matt TaggMakerHiring@wamatt
Hey folks, Thanks for checking us out! In addition to Chris's comments, thought I'd quickly add this protip. It's possible to try out the site, without signing up straight away. To do this, simply click outside of the special Producthunt popup border. Doing so, will send it to a galaxy far far away... Plus, if you do signup later, then it will still apply the deal :)
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
This is pretty cool. I totally could have used this back in college haha, but definitely still something I can see using for any of the number of forms I fill out during the week.
Chris Farber
Chris FarberMakerHiring@chrisbfarber · Co-founder / Paperjet
@adammarx13 Hey Adam, thanks for the post. Yeah you never know when you'll get blindsided by a form! We hope the convenience alleviates some of the pain next time...
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
We handle pdf generation/re-generation asynchronously to improve performance and also use some library features to not save meta data that is not relevant. This reduces size of pdf by 80% on disk. Good luck. Would love to know, how and what machine learning algorithms you use and where? Again just a very high level details. I don't want to know your secrets as it is your bread and butter ;) Coming back to feedback, If you make your UI more smooth, it will be a very good user experience and will help non-technical users. Thx Sri
Toni Gemayel
Toni Gemayel@tonigemayel · Growth @
This is an awesome product - Ive worked with PDF parsing before it and its a huge pain in the ass. Any plans on releasing an API?
Matt Tagg
Matt TaggMakerHiring@wamatt
@tonigemayel thanks toni. we actually have a customer testing out the API now. we hope to release publicly soon. shoot us a mail if you'd like to take it for a spin