Paperform’s new eCommerce features make it easy for anyone to sell online. Build payment and subscription forms fast, collect payments with more platforms (including AliPay & 3D Secure), capture and analyse data to power smarter business decisions.
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Thanks @4dithya, much appreciated! Hi Hunters! We're thrilled to release Paperform for eCommerce. It’s the same form builder you love, but with new features to make selling online that much easier. With these new features, Paperform is all you’ll need to start selling online in a matter of minutes. We offer an all-in-one solution for building beautiful forms and landing pages that allow you to sell your products and services, capture information from customers and collect online payments. We also support: - Simple product management. Paperform is the easiest way to create a simple page that can explain and sell your product or service. Customise and brand your pages with colours, fonts, logos, images, videos and so much more. - Payment gateway support and integrations, including Stripe, 3D Secure, Alipay, EPS, P24 & Credit Card. - Stock level and SKU management through our easy-to-use dashboard. - Subscriptions through Stripe and Braintree. - Custom pricing rules and conditional logic. Especially useful for service providers; you can create dynamic order forms for clients that respond to their answers and do all the math for you. - Coupons (Paperform payment coupons, or Stripe Subscription coupons). - Non-processed Payments (Quotes / Invoices). Automatically generate receipts, quotes and invoices with form submissions and integrate this with your bookeeping to save time. - User entered donations with a minimum amount. - Automated Receipt support through emails and custom PDFs. - Custom emails with custom attachments for paywalling content. - Refunds from within app. - Advanced analytics & submission management - Payment support in embedded forms (Ideal for 1 product checkouts) - Oembed support for taking payments directly on third party sites, e.g. Medium! - 1000+ Integrations to fully automate your workflows. Automatically add customers into CRM, send emails, upgrade flows, set up third party distributions and update spreadsheets with form submissions. - PayPal Business & PayPal Checkout - No additional fees from Paperform. You only pay our subscription + whatever the payment gateway charges. - Unlimited payments/charges for all plans - Google Analytics / FB Pixel tracking for successful payment analytics Hope you like it!
Your search for a minimalist but feature-rich form builder with e-commerce features and payment integrations ends here. Paperform has come a long way since 2017 with awesome updates every week. For sure, I can say Paperform is "The fastest way to sell online" now. Over to the founder couple @dean_mcpherson @dionymcpherson

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Amazing, thanks Bhuvan!
Freaking love it. Fast as hell and without any drama. Can't wait to test it properly.
Paperform eCommerce makes it easy for anyone to sell products and services online! Beautiful web forms and landing pages are vital to getting a response from your audience. When you’re selling something, be it an idea or a thing, you won’t get much movement without emotionally provoking your audience. If you want someone to complete a web form or purchase your product, they have to be moved to do so. We’ve built Paperform with this at the for of our minds. There’s a lot to explore, but some highlights I’d love to mention are” Users can collect payments with a variety of gateways supported in a range of countries Users can capture and analyse data to: power smarter business decisions manage subscriptions automate internal workflows with receipts and tax support Your brand will shine through! We don’t charge any additional processing fees. All you pay for is the product subscription, and whatever your payment gateway charges.