Cryptocurrency Trading Game

Papercrypto is a completely free cryptocurrency trading game. It allows you to trade the top cryptocurrencies risk-free and compete in contests for real cryptocurrency prizes.
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This looks interesting, but can't really be experienced without logging in. This is a hard barrier given how much spam I already get for Crypto related things.
@vertis yes, understood. it's tough to provide an experience without creating a portfolio and trading it and there's no way around creating an account to attach that portfolio. I suppose we could create a fake interface that mimics the app. In the meantime, we only use email to create a user, we do send out contest notices, but we can be unsubscribed from.
@hackdomtex it's possible to allow people to play with it with an anonymous account though. There are plenty of on-boarding flows that follow this model, where you can use the app and then when you want to save it or keep it long term you create the account.
@hackdomtex @vertis Luke thanks for that suggestion. Do any apps that do this well come to mind you could share as an example?
Please explain how is this different from gambling? Of course with the given experience you can make money on currency trading. But without the knowledge, the bigger picture in head or degree in the economy it's a pure chance. Isn't it more honest just ti gamble right away, especially given the fact that you can actually find legit and honest casinos, Here's a good article on the subject