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They are aiming for 1 million articles, I mean it has a looooong way to go until it hits that! Think it is probably at its most valuable as it is (with around 23 articles). Search and filter will have to be implemented when the number of articles increase or it will be such an overwhelming resource. Nevertheless, always nice to have a useful list of resources :) I put together a list of growth stories in Marketing Stack EDIT: I have nothing to do with this website! I am also concerned around quality control when ultimately they are just charging to put content on there (and I assume, just looking to make a cool $25 Million)
@bentossell Totally agree. The last thing I need is another million articles. Curation > aggregation. Nice overall premise and execution though.
@marceglon did you manage to checkout Case Study Club - similar premise... pretty cool :)
@bentossell Wait, so anyone can pay and get their article on it? How is the the quality of content ensured? Do they reject pieces and refund?
@sarthakgh According to the owner's post on Reddit, he or she said some of the articles will be declined and a refund will be given back to the person who paid.
Hi guys, maker here. This was/is an experimental service where I didn't necessarily wanted to 'launch' but rather test a couple of things. Since it's hunted I might as well open it up for more feedback. Here's what I was testing: 1) The interest level of an article directory tailored to startups, to help spread educational content that help entrepreneurs in their rough journey. Lesson learned: It's 'nice', not yet something people deeply love. 2) 'Potential' business model to help content writers attract an audience Lesson learned: doesn't work. I'd have to refund people constantly if their content is not up to the standard of what's currently there (this has already happend multiple times). This was launched as a very early beta on Reddit to test a few things and after receiving a ton of fantastic feedback, I started working on a totally different approach that is set to launch in the next 2 weeks.
Also check out Startup{ery, people. :)
Loving the Apple TV parallax effect going on. Pretty ambitious goal of $25 million dollars ($25 dollars per article x 1 million), the price is pretty steep but we'll see how the collection grows.