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I love this so much! I'm all over it. :D
@v4violetta awesome, tnx for being a part of it! Search is now added, and any more suggestions/ideas are more than welcome. I'd love to evolve this with the community.
It's good! I love it. :-) @jibly
@iamdeveloper awesome :) what features are you missing that would make it a daily must-have for you?
@jibly Have you thought about categorizing the tools? Like sections divided into: 'Development' 'Analytics' 'Marketing'.... It'll be more convenient to jump directly to a specific section, as in current pattern the tools are hard to find as they're going down down & down.
@iamdeveloper. Yes absolutely. Categorization is on its way. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
A community of entrepreneurs sharing handy tools for startups.
Oh wow didn't expect this to be hunted. Built it in 2 hours, posted it on HN for early feedback to help evolve the product, until I found it on #5 on HN and now listed here. Awesome! tnx Kevin. Feedback is more than welcome.