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Thanks for adding The PaperBot to Product Hunt. We are very excited to launch the first release of this tool and we have big plans for it. Every day we are exposed to way more information than we can actually process. We get great stuff shared from coworkers on Slack, but we don't always have the time to read and process everything immediately. That's why we built this bot. Just invite it to your slack channels and it will silently collect and organize all links shared. He will then create a daily/weekly email digest and send to everyone that opts-in.
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@lfnovo cool! Looking forward to it! We are currently manually noting links from members into #comet google doc and this should help members and community. Looks promising.
@charlesjo that's exactly why we built this BOT. you'll see a lot of activity in this project as we strive to organize your team's knowledge automagically :)
We've been using kifi to store shared links for later review. Did you consider a persistent stirage/retrieval solution?
@afhill Sure. It's one of the things we are working hard. :) Try using the bot and we'd love to hear your feedback
@afhill yes, an amazing solution is in the works. How do you use kifi in your workflow?
UPDATE: Hey @afhill .. it's been a while since you asked us about future plans. Paperbot has been relaunched with a very powerful storage/retrieval solution based on chat, web and mobile apps. Would love for you to give it a shot and tell me what you thought.
This is an early release, result of 2 weeks of work. The e-mail will definitely get more updates as we go along. Please share your feedbacks, they are very important. Just use the feedback command on the bot itself.
The PaperBot is a Slack bot that creates a daily email digest from your #channels. Flagging channels is easy, you simply invite @paperbot to your channels.
@jacoago @paperbot Thanks for hunting, Jacopo.
@lfnovo You' re welcome :)
Hey @lfnovo - This looks awesome. I'm going to integrate this into my Slackflow ;D
@helloduane hey man. Thanks for The support. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions