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Hey everybody, it's a pleasure to be here again. Back in March, we launched the first version of The Paperbot and got massive support from the community (thank you). A lot of people asked us to go beyond the newsletter idea and we took it one step further. We built a web interface as well as iOS and Android apps for you to read all the cool stuff that your team has shared. There is a lot coming up in the next few weeks (like auto-tagging and recommendation systems). Thank you for being so supportive. We are here to listen to your opinions and answer any questions. Have a great day Phunters!
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Awesome. I've been a fan of the email version and looking forward this update.
@charlesjo Thanks for your support and from the support of the awesome SSG community!
We love Paperbot! Great to know that there's an iOS app coming. Thumbs up!
@gbsenra Thanks for the love. We actually already launched our iOS and Android apps. They look amazing. Click on the GET IT button and send us your comments. :)
Nice to meet you too!
Any love for HipChat? Interested what your next platform is or if there is even a next platform. Awesome service. Deciding whether to move from Slack, too expensive.
@androidlove yeap.. we'll soon release PaperBot for Hipchat and MS Teams. :)