Paper Saver

Turn old printouts into a notebook.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2017

Paper Saver is the most eco friendly notebook you can buy.

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Or you could save 50% of all your paper by printing double-sided. Would work if you only print one page, though.
@matias_vad yes duplex printing is the logical way to go for sure. I imagine there are thousands of existing single side printouts lurking in offices that we could use though.
@matias_vad Surprisingly with MLA format still around, a lot of students still have to print out their essays and reports on single sided paper.
Looks awesome! A couple of pre-purchase questions: 1. What size paper does it use? 2. Do the sheets lay flat like in the product shots?
@marketplicity letter size or A4 depending on which store you order from and according to the FAQ they should lay flat - the samples I saw did. * My paper won't stay folded down! Once the paper is inserted and folded, close the Paper Saver, and use the elastic band to keep it closed for a few minutes. This will do the trick! * My paper won't stay open when I'm writing! The cover of the Paper Saver was made so that it can be folded 360 degrees. Make use of this function and fold the paper together with the cover all the way back 360 degrees for a few seconds. Your paper will now lay flat while you write on your blank page.
love this product! Sooooo circular economy!
I saw this at the Sydney Big Design Market last night and loved it. I don't print out here at home because I've trained myself not to but my partner's office has a massive box of paper that could be used for such a notebook.
Simple idea, but useful. How sturdy is that elastic band? Do the pages slip out of alignment easily?
@sign can't answer because I haven't purchased just yet - will let you know when I have what it's like. For what it's worth the notebook looked to be a solid product. I particularly liked the leather version.