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I do not see a sign up link, but an email capture. Is this product not available yet? Likewise, what is the cost?
@joshuapinter ugh. I hate "starting at" prices. Apple products technically start at $30. Whoever is running this product, please put an average spend amount up.
@rob__race @joshuapinter thanks for linking up to our pricing. Just wanted to say that this is pricing of our custom design services. At the moment Papeair is free of charge and will always be free for our beta users!
@arasheedphoto Don't worry, the pricing for Papeair will surely be fixed and transparent. I agree with your point completely :-) The reason we have our prices "starting at sth" is to indicate the minimum possible price of our custom design ("on demand") services for the clients who have more complex projects. Hope that clears it out a little bit :-)
@rob__race thanks for your interest! Papeair is in private beta at the moment, which means that obviously everyone who signs up will get a free access, as we still need some feedback from the users to refine last bits and pieces. For the time being we will keep our product free :-)
I've been using Reedsy.com for writing and generating epubs on the fly. Their service is free, however, it doesn't have the depth and detail of the visual design of Papeair. Are you guys considering having an online editor so you can write directly on Papeair and perhaps just pay when you want to export out the final version?
@xcast3d Great question Xavier! For the time being our service is free as well, mainly because it's still in beta stages. In the future we are considering various options, including an online editor as you are saying... but for now Papeair works in a slightly different way, it converts an uploaded doc/docx file to formatted epub and mobi files
@magdarogier Awesome to hear its free (for now) though I have no issue paying even for basic conversion if its as great as it looks in the demo. I think the pricing page didn't make it clear that those prices for CUSTOM design. That's pretty awesome. I already signed up waiting for the beta! Thanks and good work!
@dsky Thanks for adding us here on ProductHunt - cool stuff! It's taken me a little while to be added as Papeair's co-founder here, on ProductHunt. Just one thing I need to add to add to this discussion - we're still in beta stages :-) Being listed on BetaList earlier this week, we didn't expected such amazing interest from you guys! Thanks a lot!
@rohillion finding a name seemed like the hardest bit!
I'd love to see how this handles image-heavy ebooks. We just published a flip book but would love to make it a bit more engaging with an app like this.