Making rent painless for tenants and landlords

PapayaPods is a property management software that includes everything a landlord need to keep its tenants happy and its business going. From channel managers and tenant application profiles, to online rent payments and digital rental documentation... we have it all!

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Alex Just
CEO at PapayaPods.
PapayaPods is a property management software that helps landlords and tenants on their daily tasks in the evergrowing rental market. Amongst its features, it includes every step of what we call the Rental Journey: -Channel manager: Landlords can post their properties in different online classifieds websites. -Tenant application profiles: Tenants can upload their information for landlords to review them in order for them to rent their place to who they like the most. -Online payments: Secure and easy way to pay rent online. With this, we simply say goodbye to cash or online bank transactions. They're in the past! -Repair manager: Tenants can alert their landlords about repairs needed in their property, and landlords can let their tenants know that their repairs are coming or have been done. -Digital move-in/move-out: Tenants can sign their contract and inventory online and get to the move-in quickly; the same for the move-out, by comparing the inventory (with pictures and description) with the final state of the property. These are some of the tools we've been working on during the last three years, with the goal to make rent less of a headache for everyone (we've all suffered enough with the anachronic and often complicated way in which the property market handles itself -- we're past that!). We have a three-month FREE TRIAL for landlords (for tenants it will always be free) going on now, so if you like the idea of what we do and you're in need of a property manager, take a look at the PapayaPods software. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our product, let us know. We all get better if we collaborate!
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