Personalized social bookmarking manager

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2015
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Finally something new and useful since Delicious. I also liked the "try without login" link.
This is pretty awesome - anyone a power user yet that can describe how it replaces existing services/workflows for them?

I used Papaly. It was very good web app, actually still very good. But Papaly has not updated for a long time, and no recent sharing their social accounts. Probably, developer team burned the project.


Pages, Collections, Most Clicked Sort


Slowing Down, No Update

The company has shut down and is only run by the CEO. He is trying anyway possible to make money off this program. I'd suggest backing up and saving all your assets.
Oh no! So sad! I found this tool very useful
That landing page is really interesting. I like the blurred image of the actual page with the signup over it.
Now I can have a startpage & bookmarks manager that looks more interesting than Netvibes.