Grandkids on-demand

Papa provides on-demand assistance and an incredible social experience through our amazing Papa Pals. They provide transportation, house help, teach technology, run errands, grocery shop, and more. They are like grandkids on-demand.

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"Grandkids on-demand" sounds like a made-up, Black Mirror-like startup, but the actual product offering makes a ton of sense.
@chrismessina true! Good reference.
Love seeing tech that tries to improve the lives of seniors. Good luck!
This would be really useful to the elderly people but how would you ensure the security of elderly?
@lavanya_saraf I have the same concern. Con artists preying on the elderly is a huge problem in my home state (Florida). These criminals are unfortunately common and notoriously difficult to catch. The promo video mentions "trusted" and "vetted" but what exactly does that mean? How do we ensure this doesn't become Tinder for Grandma Con's?
Looks like a creepier version of the great service offered by
Spent 6 months this year as a caretaker for my Grandpa. Knowing not every family has someone who can be there 24/7 for their loved ones, this is a much-needed tech solution to actually improve people's lives. Wishing you the best of luck. Signed up for when you come to my zip code!