An elegant iOS app for discovering color palettes

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love the app and the utility, but 8 bucks a month? I'd pay a one time fee, maybe even 8 bucks, but sub makes no sense for my needs
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Seems like people aren't too pleased that this app replaced the older version with a subscription service.
@sliggzy Users of previous versions, like myself, paid a one time fee for access to the colour books. This update has taken paid-for features away and is now pushing a subscription model. I no longer have something I paid for. Dishonest and hostile move by Pantone.
@haddow Agreed. Has Pantone been responsive at all to the user backlash? I'm guessing not, based on the reviews.
Bad move Pantone!
Ridiculous to charge for this-- I'll just go to the site and look up what I want fro free
Product Hunt, where's the down vote button? This proves we need one.