Design your own panoramic 360° photo umbrella

#4 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2016
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14,800 JPY or $146 USD (w/o tax and s/h). Requires a true 360 camera to upload a photo or else a repeated pattern is recommended. I love the concept for a unique and practical specialty gift. It'd be nice to see more photos of final products rather than renders.
@israelvicars Yeah I wonder how it actually works! Does it have bunch of small screens? And I am guessing it is only one sided meaning the image is on the outside.
@cemedericarak Oh, you just give them a photo taken with a 360 camera and they print it on the inside of the umbrella. Not more dynamic than that, judging by their website.
Building my own umbrella. Much design.
Really interesting product. I can see it doing well here in Asia