Virtual windows for elevators

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Very nice, in case you don't want to look into a mirror during that time spend [when avoiding stairs] ;-) What I am curious about is the future ratio between watching real landscape images and commercials...
@hansjgilg Thanks, get your point -- no ads in plan whatsoever. There are possibilities for tailored branding but Panoramia is a premium product for the most demanding customers and properties.
@perholmlund @hansjgilg commercials would be downright abusive at that visual scale. Please don't.. On the other hand, "native" ads could actually be kind of cool since this almost amounts to a 2-D "VR" experience. Like if it was an Audi ad, and you slowly (in a drone-like manner) ascended and hovered over the Nuremberg as an S4 roared down the highway.
@wuss @perholmlund @hansjgilg or you drift over a valley alongside a branded hot air balloon. That sort of thing.
Hi all, I wanted to take this opportunity to present ourselves as we're launching this week. Panoramia is an interior design technology company that has productized what previously was complicated and very expensive to accomplish for individual property owners and property developers - virtual windows for elevators. It's an out-of-the-box solution with hardware and software that seamlessly can be integrated in one or more walls in almost any kind of elevator. With our proprietary 3D visualizations displaying on the large high-res screens, ordinary elevator rides become journeys through any imaginable landscape. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!
Very cool, i had the same idea but for subways and to show in real time what happens outside. However this might be boring so nice landscapes is better.
well, clearly every elevator should have this going forward.
@nivo0o0 Thanks, glad you like it - and that's exactly our thoughts as well ;-)