Post your vertical pictures on your social media stories

Create unique panoramic stories for all of your social media networks. Just pick a Panoramic picture and let Panoram do the rest.

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@vladkorobov Thanks for the reply!
Add a Panoramic or Vertical picture to the app and let Panoram do the work. Have you tried it yet? Get the free app now!
@joel_bijlmer I just got the app and in-app purchase. So far it's great!
@stsuji Thats wonderful to hear! Im trying to find a way to explain to people what ways to use it. You can also use it as a instagram post like on our instagram: If you have any tips, let me know! Have a great day
Cool product! If i may suggestion an improvement: a web interface. I don't have an apple product. But it's not all about me ;-) With a web interface you will also get traffic from google and others and that's one of the best traffic you can get.
@tinustate Thanks! Will try and work on that!
New update! Whats new?! In the new version, Panoram is supporting a new format - Instagram Posts. Also, we added a brand new feature for the Premium users and now they will be able to export 2 - 5 cutouts, not just 3.