Upload your panoramas to Instagram, the cool way.

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Hey there hunters, I hope you are having a great day! Panora has been in the App Store for a couple of weeks now and I thought you guys might be interested in it. The app lets you slice your panoramas into squares, which you can then upload to Instagram. Hope you guys like it! Cheers, Luca Silverentand
@lucasilverentand this looks useful! Will check it out πŸ’«
@nivo0o0 Hope you like it 😊
@chrismessina Haha, nice panorama of San Francisco!
this is cool and clever!
@rickats Thank you very much 😊
it might be interesting
@artemshaladanov Panora absolutely is πŸ˜‰
Downloaded! Will try it out
@b_wleung Let me know what you think!
Clever. Works neat!
@methekarthik Glad it does 😌